Ingenieurbüro Stockinger

Walter Stockinger Engineering Company

Office in Munich:
Herzogstraße 93
80796 Munich
Phone: +49 89 3007832
Fax: +49 89 30798692

Office in Haidmühle:
Max-Pangerl-Straße 37
94145 Haidmühle
Phone: +49 8556 702
Fax: +49 8556 741



Ingenieurbüro Stockinger CE consultation (CE certification) - CE Network

CE Network

Service offering for manufacturers based in and outside the European Economic Area (EEA):

The CE Network, an association of independent engineering companies, was established on the initiative of the Schmersal Group. The Walter Stockinger Engineering Company has been a member of the CE Network since 2006. All CE Network members have comprehensive know-how in the field of machine safety. They regularly exchange ideas and, thanks to their close cooperation, you will receive competent support and guidance in complicated matters. The Walter Stockinger Engineering Company offers you expert assistance on any CE issues. You have also access to the expert knowledge of the entire CE Network and you will always obtain a competent and definitive answer, even for very offbeat problems. See our brochure also...

Assistance for entering the EEA:

The engineering companies of the CE Network also advise non-European enterprises, which build machinery and plants for the European market or which are planning their market entry in the EEA. Our mission then is to ensure the compliance of the machines with the set of European regulations with regard to machine safety. We provide answers to questions such as:

Consultancy that helps you along

We invite you to make use of our qualified service offering: it will help you along. For, as CE Network partner we can provide you with competent support for all issues regarding machine safety, thus ensuring that your machinery and plants not only meet the relevant prescriptions and regulations but also run durably in a safe and productive manner. Further information about the CE Network activities can be found on their website where you can also download a brochure describing the activities and the competency of the network.