Ingenieurbüro Stockinger

Walter Stockinger Engineering Company

Office in Munich:
Herzogstraße 93
80796 Munich
Phone: +49 89 3007832
Fax: +49 89 30798692

Office in Haidmühle:
Max-Pangerl-Straße 37
94145 Haidmühle
Phone: +49 8556 702
Fax: +49 8556 741



Ingenieurbüro Stockinger Technical documentation - Internal/external technical documentation




The technical documentation basically includes all of the information required for using a product and documents the development process from product definition to disposal. The designation "technical documentation" includes a wide variety of documents:

The Walter Stockinger Engineering Company can prepare the following for you: operating, assembly and maintenance instructions, function descriptions, product data sheets, brochures, translations and illustrations.

Internal/external technical documentation


There are two types of technical documentation: internal and external. The manufacturer keeps internal technical documentation (e.g. design documentation, test reports); the customer/user receives the external documentation, e.g. operating instructions and spare parts lists.