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Ingenieurbüro Stockinger Technical documentation - Technical authoring



When preparing technical documentation, technical writers must take the relevant standards into consideration (e.g. EN 82079-1). The results of the risk assessment provide the essential foundation for the safety instructions.

Excerpts from the EC Machinery Directive

Recital 24:

It is essential that, before drawing up the EC declaration of conformity, the manufacturer or his authorised representative established in the Community should prepare a technical construction file. However, it is not essential that all documentation should be available in material form, but it must be possible to make it available upon request. It need not include detailed plans of subassemblies used for the manufacture of machinery, unless knowledge of such plans is essential in order to ascertain conformity with the essential health and safety requirements.


1. The manufacturer of machinery or his authorised representative must ensure that a risk assessment is carried out in order to determine the health and safety requirements which apply to the machinery. The machinery must then be designed and constructed taking into account the results of the risk assessment.

By the iterative process of risk assessment and risk reduction referred to above, the manufacturer or his authorised representative shall: